Our History

SEO authority Martin MacDonald established MOG (short for MacDonald Online Group) originally in 2001. MOGmedia was set up to develop, host and market diverse web assets over many years in industries as diverse as online gambling through to webhosting. Martin has worked in digital since the dotcom boom in the nineties and has been an SEO specialist and expert for over twenty years.

Our CEO and founder is a recognized industry thought leader, published expert that has been featured by publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FT, Huffington Post and many more. Martin became a pioneering expert in the science and engineering of SEO and has published groundbreaking research that has helped shape modern SEO, as well as the careers of thousands of specialists at the many conferences he has headlined over the past 15 years. . Following ten years in London - where he held several senior positions in agency and client side for the likes of Omnicom and Expedia - Martin moved to Silicon Valley to head Global Consumer SEO teams for Expedia. This meant he worked on the largest and most profitable websites globally, dealing with hundreds of millions of keywords across 60+ websites in the Expedia Group. During his time at Expedia, Martin oversaw the creation of multiple in-house bespoke marketing tools. Martin’s vast experience of the world’s best known SEO tool suites led him to conclude that none of them could accurately capture the breadth of data or nuance of situations he was making when devising enterprise SEO strategy. It was the a-ha moment and Martin realized there was a gap in the market for a better and more comprehensive enterprise SEO agency and toolset capable of going beyond the basic suggestions, other enterprise SEO tools provide.

Technical SEO

Leading experts in scaled technical SEO with 20 years proven track record in delivering results on enterprise sites. From site speed to internal linking and everything inbetween

Content Optimisation

Improving strategic ranking of content for the Travel, Financial, Medical, Automotive, Marketplace and Publishing industries for over a decade

Content Marketing

Great content still needs great distribution - without an effective scalable outreach platform and a unique value proposition your content won't work

Data & Insights

Effective decisions require reliable data. Strategic insights are made possible with dependable metrics. Our Analytics Team is your partner to navigate these challenges

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