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At MOGmedia we are much more than just a digital agency specialised in enterprise SEO. And if you follow us on social media, you may already be aware of that. We also organise events. But not just any events.

Given that Martin MacDonald, our CEO, is based in Barbados, we have invested our efforts in strengthening the local digital community in the Caribbean. And we have also put the island in the radar for the SEO and marketing community worldwide.

In 2022 we launched our first event Barbados SEO and we kicked 2023 off with a small event aimed at the local digital professionals. On top of that, we’re almost ready to launch Barbados SEO Mastermind, an exclusive and unique event that will take of the brightest minds in Search to the Caribbean.

Barbados SEO events

MOGmedia events

Here’s the full list of events we’re running:

Barbados SEO

The Caribbean’s first Digital Marketing Conference, held for the first time in November 2022. Hosted in Clifton Hall Great House, Mike King, founder & CEO of iPullRank delivered the keynote. The two days of talks had world-renowned speakers like Heather Physioc, Maria Amelia White, Rishi Lakhani, Barry Adams and many others.

Barbados SEO is coming back in November 2023.

Barbados SEO Local Meetup

Created as a community gathering for Barbados and CARICOM nationals, this is an informal meet up for local digital professionals to spend a morning at Clifton Hall Great House discussing the state of the industry in the region.

The first edition of BBSEO Local Meetup took place in February 2023 and happens every three months.

Barbados SEO Mastermind

The most special and exclusive event that MOGmedia runs in Barbados is a unique opportunity for local and international attendees who want to upskill, and power charge their SEO skills with the help of some of the world’s top digital marketing experts. It’s limited to just 10 people, so tickets are flying.

Barbados SEO Mastermind will be held at Clifton Hall Great House in April 2023, and it will have Eli Schwartz, Rishi Lakhani and Patricia Cuni as speakers and facilitators.

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