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Digital Automotive Marketing

The automotive sector has become increasingly more important to all levels of the industry. From media consumption changes from print to online, and more recently video, right the way through to the new generation of online car supermarkets, digital marketing has radically changed the industry.

Here at MOGmedia we've worked with some of the largest brands in the space, driving their visibility, audiences and ultimately P&L through organic acquisition.

Having worked with brands such as Renault, eBay Motors, Cars.com, AutoTrader, Halfords, Jardine Motors and many others, we've seen all aspects of online vehicle marketing.

Automotive SEO Specialists

Vehicle SEO Specialisms

We’ve got our own in-house tools. And we’ll use them, along with data analytics, to do in-depth analysis to understand the crawlability, speed and accessibility of your travel website. Our in-house team are experts that have worked for well-known brands such as Motors.co.uk, Halfords, AutoTrader and many more.

Technical Audits

We crawl every single page of your site, no matter the scale, to produce actionable roadmaps and scientifically proven results for key manufacturer and model industry terms.

CMS Consultancy

Did you know MOGmedia built and hosted the content assets for Motors.co.uk? Did you know we overhauled the architecture for Cars.com? Whatever your technical challenge with your CMS, we've got the experience that matters.

Speed Audits

Improving the TTFB on vehicle pages at a major online auction site, resulted in a 153% increase in crawled pages, yielding significantly improved indexing profile and long tail traffic.

JavaScript Indexing

Vehicle landing pages are great examples of pages that require significant content, technical elements such as image galleries, but need to be fully indexed. Our team helped build these landing pages for two of the largest industry sites in the US and Europe.

Due diligence

With our wealth of experience in the Online Automotive Industry, we know the value and risks associated with digital marketing. We can advise you forensically on a sites marketing potential and identify key detractors.

Bespoke Consultancy

Looking to consult with a subject matter expert, on any online vehicle or automotive topic? Our team have the most vertical experience imagineable, dealing with scaled and specific marketing initiatives.

Common Automotive SEO Questions

What Pages are Most Valuable in Automotive SEO?

The most important assets any automotive website contains, are typically its deepest level product pages; whether they be make, make/model, year, or parts.  Its the lowest page type architecturally, but highest volume in total number, pages that are critically important.  Its the uniqueness and breadth of long tail that sets apart the huge brands from the up and coming sites. 

Why is technical SEO important to Automotive SEO?

Technical SEO is vitally important to make sure Google can access and crawl your website at scale.  Unless your site is as efficient as possible, there will always be additional pages that can be indexed, and for each one that is you’re opening up new opportunities to rank.  Without a solid understanding of crawling & indexing, competitive ranking can not be achieved.