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Digital Healthcare Marketing

Online health industry sites have been under siege from Google updates for much of the last decade.

From YMYL to EAT, the goalposts have been moved time and time again for any queries related to healthcare, medicine, treatments, symptoms and general medical. Without a solid understanding of what's needed, where and why, no amount of traditional SEO can help your site break through the noise.

Here at MOGmedia, we've worked with the largest health insurance provider in the US, the largest UGC health community in the world, and MedTech startups throughout the US, Europe and the UK.

Whether you're looking to improve ranking or visibility on a mature product offering, or getting ready to launch a new niche product, we've got the experience to help drive your business forward.

Healthcare SEO Specialists

Health & Wellbeing SEO

We’ve got our own in-house tools. And we’ll use them, along with data analytics, to do in-depth analysis to understand the crawlability, speed and accessibility of your travel website. Our in-house team are experts that have worked for well-known brands such as eHealth, RealSelf, CareCircle and many more.

Technical Audits

We crawl every single page of your site, no matter the scale, to produce actionable roadmaps and scientifically proven results for high volume industry terms and the long tail alike.

Social Media Marketing

MOGmedia also provides full social media strategy planning, content, scheduling and reporting. We provide a turnkey social media presence to startup healthcare brands.

Speed Audits

Improving site speed isn't just beneficial in search, it also improves retention. With highly valuable traffic, a deep focus on web performance helps maximize value in paid traffic as well as promoting organic.

Regulatory Content Service

Regulatory restrictions in the US, UK and EU can often stifle creativity, while being technically difficult due to legal validation. At MOGmedia we're used to working with legal teams and regulatory bodies to sign off content plans and execution.

Due diligence

With our wealth of experience in the Online Healthcare Industry, we know the value and risks associated with digital marketing. We can advise you forensically on a sites marketing potential and identify key detractors.

Bespoke Consultancy

Looking to consult with a subject matter expert, on healthcare digital marketing? Our team have the most vertical experience imagineable, dealing with scaled and specific marketing initiatives.

Common Healthcare Industry SEO Questions

How important is technical SEO in Healthcare Marketing?

Medical, healthcare and related industries have among the highest average cost per clicks in paid online advertising of any industry. Paid campaigns can often take commitments of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in a scaled healthcare marketing environment, and organic can not only rank against the same keywords already being paid for, but also allow a marketing team to target entire niches that would otherwise not be profitable to bid against. Some of our healthcare clients are generating multi million dollar equivalents of paid traffic monthly, all tracked using SEOdatatool. 

Why is having expert writers critical in Medical marketing? 

With Google’s continual march onto providing the best quality content in its search results, a continual refinement of how it treats YMYL pages, and its expansion of EEAT in the Quality Raters Guide Evaluation Process, having experts on hand to not only write your content but also put their name to it has never been more important. Gone are the days of unreliable filler content, at MOG we only work with top level medical authors in the USA, Europe and the UK.