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Media, News and Publisher Organic Search

Since 2017 MOGmedia has provided SEO services to some of the largest publishers in the US and Europe.

With clients in local news, financial information, legal news and other verticals, we've developed a solid experience base of maximizing the potential of produced content, while helping mold strategies for publication to scale visitor acquisition.

Our internal toolset was developed specifically to meet the needs of a national publisher with hundreds of journalists publishing hundreds of articles daily. Scale in data analysis and modeling alongside provision of dynamic linking modules & page meta-data has been a particularly succeseful initiative we've powered for many publications.

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News & Publisher SEO

We’ve got our own in-house tools. And we’ll use them, along with data analytics, to do in-depth analysis to understand the crawlability, speed and accessibility of your travel website. Our in-house team are experts that have worked for well-known brands such as Patch.com, MarketNews.com, and written for many of the worlds top publications.

Technical Audits

We crawl every single page of your site, no matter the scale, to produce actionable roadmaps and demonstrated results on high volume predictable traffic keywords as well as net-new never before seen news keyword phrases.

Content Audits

MOGmedia provides content audits covering every single page published on your site, no matter the scale. This is leveraged to both promote and demote internal linking, clustering and architecture of your content to maximize ranking & pageviews

Speed Audits

Improving site speed isn't just beneficial in search, it also improves retention. With news sites specifically web performance is critically important for rapid indexation and full distribution across all Google surfaces.

Technical Product

We understand that every media company has significant product and engineering responsibility. We also understand how hard it can be to move from strategy to execution. We typically work internal with Product to bridge gaps and solve problems, enabling rapid development outcomes.

Due diligence

With our wealth of experience in the publishing Industry, we know the value and risks associated with digital marketing. We can advise you forensically on a sites marketing potential and identify key detractors.

Bespoke Consultancy

Looking to consult with a subject matter expert, on news SEO & digital marketing? Our team have the most vertical experience imagineable, dealing with scaled and specific marketing initiatives.

Common News SEO Questions:

How critical is page speed to my traffic as a publisher?

News SEO relies on web performance perhaps more than any other vertical. We’ve demonstrated time and time again that shaving hundreds of milliseconds off TTFB, or seconds off LCP can have profound effects on indexing, ranking and pageviews/visitor. We’ve specialized in web performance since 2005 and have been publishing articles on the topic for more than fifteen years. Our internal toolset has over a hundred speed related rules alone.

How can content planning help my news business? 

While journalism outlets often publish breaking news as their primary mission, MOGmedia has helped publishers plan all sorts of additional journalistic content specifically designed to appeal to your reader base and provide dependable traffic, providing an impression floor that grows month on month long term.