MOGmedia is an Extension of Your Team

Enterprise technical SEO can be a complicated exercise. It falls in the middle of Marketing and Product/Engineering, requires specialist knowledge, in short supply and high demand, and cannot operate in a silo.

That’s why we don’t think of companies we work with as clients. We work as an extension of your Product and Marketing teams, filling the skills gap to provide results.

From strategic planning through to execution, we know that to deliver results it takes time, care and attention. Other agencies might provide an Audit, or deliver commoditized services – our approach is to become part of your team, taking responsibility for organic growth.

Remote But Internal

It’s 2021: teams are no longer working together in corporate open plan offices, increasingly being remote and distributed.

This has meant that MOGmedia is able to bolt into existing team structures within your organization, whether it be within Marketing or Engineering.

From daily standups to QBR’s, whether its by e-mail, Slack or Zoom, we adjust our working practices to integrate tightly in your teams to maximize productivity and minimize friction typically associated in working with third parties.

Bespoke Enterprise Focussed SEO Platform

Every organization is unique, and has specific needs. Traditional agencies buy off the shelf SEO tools that are intended to be a one-size fits all solution.

MOGmedia does not think that way: our in-house SEO data tool platform is designed with flexibility and customization in mind.

As part of our ongoing partnership we develop both features and functionality particular to your needs, and provide optional API’s for you to ingest data, performance reports & every other piece of data we leverage in organic search.

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