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SEO Strategy & Insights

Our Strategy & Insight team is composed of expert data analysts and analytics managers providing custom tailored, best-in-class solutions to empower both our and your internal marketing teams with unparalleled data and insight.

MOGmedia will focus relentlessly and on tracking and measuring every single keyword, from every page, from every site, but more importantly, we will also make sense of data and provide the actionable insights needed for scalable, sustainable growth.

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SEO Insights & Strategy Services

SEO Strategy

The foundation and the end-result of all our product offering. Custom tailored SEO strategy over an agreed period, starting from one quarter to 18 months.

This usually includes a market analysis, full technical audit & roadmap over agreed time, full keyword research, landscape and gap analysis, backlink health analysis, and full content audit and roadmap, as well as KPIs and reporting framework & dashboarding, depending on needs.

Reporting & Measurement

Data is at the centre of everything we do at MOG Media.

Our Insight team will create custom measurement frameworks in collaboration with your team, building the best dashboards & reports in the business.

We can integrate with all available reporting platforms, including Tableau and PowerBI, while creating custom rules for data extraction, interpretation, custom metrics, visualisation and everything you need to make sure nothing is lost, and everything is tracked.

Keyword Landscaping & Clustering

We will take every keyword you currently rank for, adding those you should be ranking for, & cluster them into logical taxonomies.

We will then use this research to produce a full keyword map that will show you topics you are doing well in, and crucially those that are could be improved using your in-house resource or our expert content team.

Market Analysis

Before we start with keyword clustering, gap analysis or other in-depth research pieces, it's fundamental to understand how a demand within a specific niche works in the SERPs.

Our market analysis helps to understand what the top performing sites are for the major query and page groups, and what requirements are needed to get there from infrastructure to link building.

Combining top level checks from other pieces of analysis in our product offering, this is an ideal starting point to fully understand your target market.

Opportunity & Gap Analysis

One of the key elements of keyword research, is an opportunity or gap analysis audit to unearth not just what your keyword landscape is, but also how far it can go.

All of our calculations are based on a detailed SERP analysis, with proximity, diversity and a myriad of other metrics being used to calculate both where you are now, alongside the true potential of a mature site content wise.

SEO Experiments & A/B Testing

A successful and scalable SEO strategy, starts with hypotheses that must be turned into measurable experiments and tests.

Traditional A/B testing methodology mainly focuses on paid channels. Organic search needs its own, unique way of testing changes and making sure risks are mitigated which impact is correctly measured.

Whenever a hypothesis cannot be tested or risks are too high to test site-wide, MOGmedia has a framework and a solution.

Retrospective SEO & Update Analysis

Custom-tailored analysis to understand not just what happened, but why it happened. 

Core updates. Unconfirmed updates. Wild technical implementations. Botched migrations. Sudden burst on traffic on a competitor you have been tracking and you are absolutely puzzled about the why.

Our team of expert analysts will look at any puzzling events, past strategies, implementations or any other unexplained movement and will make sure all root causes are found, and a plan of action is highlighted.

SEO is full of unknowns; our Insight team exists to fill that gap. 

Custom Requests

Any ideas for a specific piece of SEO analysis not above? Just get in touch and let us know. 

Are you unsure about a specific correlation between two unlikely metrics? 

Just tell us what your problems or questions are, and we will design the perfect framework to analyze, track and trust.

Our Insight team has been designing custom-made analysis and dashboards for over 10 years, and has seen every challenge imagineable.