Beyond Content for SEO,

Content that performs

Content Marketing is a passion at MOGmedia. Our senior leadership team all have rich backgrounds in crafting content lead initiatives for some of the worlds largest online brands.

Content – in any form or format - is something we’re experts in. So, if you’re looking for a team to elevate your marketing and help you strategize, create and deliver content that performs and meets your business needs, we’re here for you.

From strategy to production through to impact analysis, our dedicated content marketing team will make sure you hit your goals.

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Content SEO Services

Here at MOG Media we live and breathe content. We’ve got lots of experience with clients – big and small, in a wide range of sectors – and have mastered the art of crafting and delivering bespoke content strategies that help you rank well and get you exactly where you need to be. Content is more than just words. Content is cutting through the noise, fuelling your brand and driving results. Content is engaging with your audience through every step of their journey to attract customers, raise brand awareness and influence their behaviour. Content is also key for SEO and ranks. Content is at the core and heart of your marketing strategy, and we know how to make it shine, from zero to hero. What sort of content do we do? Our highly skilled and experienced team – they've worked with some of the best companies worldwide – will work side by side with your marketing team to ideate, strategize, create, deliver and measure the right type of content you need. In essence, at MOGmedia we focus on great content with purpose, that performs and delivers.

Content Strategy

We will create a comprehensive, compelling and well-thought content strategy that ticks all the boxes and goes beyond your needs. With that in hand, it will be easier to reach your target audience and influence them. Our in-house team of content strategists and creatives will work with your brand to develop the right content strategy, tailored only to you.

Content Audit

Not sure how the content on your site is doing? We can help you identify what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved or repurposed to reach your targets and audience in an optimal way. We’ll analyse every single bit of content you’ve got live, reveal strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your content strategy so that it’s bigger, better and stronger.

Content Ideation

Struggling to come up with great content ideas? Need someone to help you think and craft the right type of content for your audience and your goals? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got tons of experience coming up with ideas for any type of content, any type of business and any type of goal. It’s an “art” we’ve mastered and we’d love to give you a hand in bringing up fantastic content.

Content Creation

There would be no internet without content. And to create content you need to plan it, produce it and optimize it so that it does what it needs to do. That is, reach your target audience and fulfil your business goals in the best possible way. Essentially, you’ll be providing free and useful information to your audience, attract potential customers and retain existing ones through quality engagement. What’s not to like about that? Nothing. And we know how to do this. Exceptionally well.

Content Optimization

Optimising already existing content is a wonderful way to make sure every single bit of content on your site is reaching its maximum potential. Plus, it’s usually also faster than creating new articles, pages or copy from scratch.

We’ll check everything that currently sits on your website, create a plan and deliver it, track its impact, and help you roadmap future revisions.

Keyword Gap Analysis

A keyword gap analysis is when we identify the keywords that your competitors rank well for… And then we create a plan for you to outrank them and beat them at it.

We’ve done it countless times across dozens of industries, and can implement our content and strategy teams to build you the perfect intelligence and workflow.

Common Content Questions

What is Content Marketing?

To keep it short, Content Marketing is the type of marketing that uses content – articles, videos, podcasts, etc. – to attract, engage, and retain an audience. It’s great for establishing expertise, promoting brand awareness and keeping your business top of mind when your clients are ready to make a purchase.

What are the 5 essential elements of a successful Content Marketing Strategy?

The 5 essential elements of a winning content marketing strategy are: a defined target audience, SMART goals, a clear value proposition, an established brand identity and metrics to measure your success.