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In 2017 shortly after the launching of MOGmedia as an agency, founder Martin MacDonald contracted a number of the well known "industry leading" SEO tools to crawl client websites and provide SEO intelligence services. It became evident in the first few months that no SEO tool provider was capable of meeting the following criteria: 1) crawl massive websites, 2) provide actionable insights at scale, 3) track results scientifically to report on performance

With those three core objectives in mind, Martin started building the initial implementation of SEOdatatool, tapping into his 20+ year programming career and more than a decade running some of the largest SEO teams in the world.

Now, five years later, every MOGmedia client uses the software platform as a workflow tool, market intelligence, performance tracker and much more. Every time we've needed to work on a new objective for any client, its started with consideration as to how we can productize the service within SEOdatatool.

You can leverage this experience now, all consultancy clients have unlimited access to all our reports and actionable insights.

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Our Approach

We use SEOdatatool to measure, diagnose and resolve ranking performance issues with your site, no matter the scale.

Site crawling & render issues

Page speed & performance audits

Content, site structure & internal linking audits

Technical Insights & opportunities

How does seodatatool differ?

Comprehensive Crawling

The first and most critical requirement for SEOdatatool, was being able to crawl sites that are millions, or even tens of millions of pages large.

We've crawled client sites with up to 70,000,000 pages in testing our suite, and fully understand why other companies are unable to do so: its not about the crawl its about the data post-processing overheads.

We can either crawl your entire site, or logically build GSC accounts on subfolders to steeamline the process.

Page Speed & Site Performance

Since the introduction in 2018 of Core Web Vitals, page speed and general site performance has been at the forefront of SEO.

This was no surprise to MOGmedia, as we've been relentlessly focused on site performance for years. Founder, Martin MacDonald, was publishing in depth articles about improving site speed all the way back in 2005, a decade before the rest of the industry caught on.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, talk to us about your needs today!

SEOdatatool technical content analysis

Content & Architecture

Our SEOdatatool crawls every page, analyzes every word, every link and every internal backlink to figure out the optimizal architecture for your content assets.

These improvements are not only suggested, but measured using our page and keyword level reporting to audit your pre/post performance to correctly define the ROI of every change you make.

Technical Insights & Opportunity

Did you know that SEOdatatool tracks over 370 on-page and site architecture rules?

you know that SEOdatatool is the ONLY crawler that features a fully customisable rules engine?

Did you know that you can tailor your instance of SDT to track exactly the metrics you want to, on every single page, with over 900 datapoints available to build your own rules?

We know that SEOdatatool offers unparalleled technical SEO intelligence, and would love the opportunity to show you our competitive advantage.

How else can we help you?

At MOGmedia we understand that no two situations are alike, no two challenges the same. Our proprietary software was developed to be fully customisable for every site, tracking the elements that matter most to your situation and your business.

Here at MOG we love interesting and new challenges, no matter how obscure or unusual they may seem at first. If you'd like to track and optimize something no other SEO tool can, reach out and see how we can help!