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Technical SEO Services

Well implemented technical SEO can help better your overall discoverability and performance within Google and other search engines. Our technical SEO services are aimed at improving not just traffic to your website but also increasing conversions across your business. Understanding our Technical SEO offering We’ve been working in SEO for over 20 years and have helped brands of all sizes understand how the technical limitations of their platform could be holding them back from achieving sustainable SEO growth. At MOGmedia, we have a range of technical consultancy services that will ensure your website has the best foundations for long term growth. When done right, technical SEO is a dependable way to make sure that your website benefits from as much organic traffic as is possible given your content levels and overall domain authority.

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Technical SEO Services

We’ve got our own in-house tools. And we’ll use them, along with data analytics, to do in-depth analysis to understand the crawlability, speed and accessibility of your website. Our in-house team are experts that have worked for well-known brands such as Expedia, Trusted House Sitters, Motors & Halfords. And they can help you grow your business online with clear and actionable insights.

Technical Audits

We crawl every single page of your site, no matter the scale, to produce actionable roadmaps and scientifically proven results.

Migration Projects

Whether you're migrating from a legacy CMS on the same domain, or moving and merging entire websites, we've been there and done that countless times and know all the pitfalls.

Speed Audits

We're obsessive about Core Web Vitals, site performance, page optimization & infrastructure improvement. We can take your site to the next level performance wise.

JavaScript Indexing

If you're struggling to index content on JS heavy pages, we are able to monitor actual indexable content at scale, across any number of pages.

Due diligence

Whether its a new acquisition, or a prospective funding round, we are able to provide rigorous due dilligence on web assets. We take care to provide a balanced view of benefits and performance detractors.

Bespoke Consultancy

Looking to consult with a subject matter expert, on any web performance issues? We provide both metered and unlimited time consultancy charged monthly with no long term commitments.

Common Technical SEO Questions

What is technical SEO? 

Technical SEO is the process of making your website more efficient to allow search engine crawlers – like Googlebot – crawl and index your website. That way your website and web pages rank organically better in search engines. 

Why do you need technical SEO? 

Technical SEO is vitally important to make sure Google can access your website. It is the building block of SEO and ensures that search engines can correctly spider content, which, in term, will help you rank organically for primary commercially relevant search terms.