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MOG (MacDonald Online Group) is a bespoke, solution lead consultancy with a focus on organic growth.  Specializing in SEO since 2001, Large Language Model (LLM) content production since 2011 and OpenAI partners since March 2021, MOG has built, grown and sustained some of the largest brands on the web using organic marketing, SEO, content and social media.

MOG Services & Guarantee

The MOG group is focusing in 2024 into three core areas, Technical SEO audits for enterprise, Scaled Asset Optimization & Scaled Content Enrichment.

After over 20 years perfecting digital strategies and being at the forefront of the SEO industry, in January 2024 MOG launched a new market leading client guarantee: if you implement our technical audit recommendations, asset optimization and content enrichment, and do not see a positive boost in your organic Google traffic we will refund 100% of your consultancy costs, totally de-risking your third party channel costs.

This new guaranteed performance enterprise SEO service is a brand new offering from MOG, and is something we have railed against publicly in the past, such as this survey taken in 2018, so why change now? Simple answer: since developing our in-house solution SERPERE, we have been able to track each and every outcome our audits have delivered since 2020, and our clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate where they have implemented the entire set of MOG products.

We stand by our process and results, therefore are able to make this industry leading promise.


Technical SEO Audits

With over two decades leading the worlds largest in-house teams, our team of consultants understand enterprise SEO and what it can achieve.

The MOG Technical SEO audit process, backed by our bespoke solution SERPERE, is a class leading end to end Product solution guaranteed to drive growth


Optimizing Assets at Scale

Leveraging our unique enterprise class automation, MOG can optimize every factor of your site’s organic assets: text, images, metadata, content depth & targeting.

All this across thousands to millions of pages, using real world data & reporting on every action and outcome 


Broadening Your Scope

Long term sustainable growth depends on a solid foundation, followed by continued content and keyword expansion and enrichment.

Our individual approach was honed over years growing some of the worlds largest sites such as the likes of Expedia, Orbitz, Uber, Patch, eHealth, Reddit and dozens of others

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Our Approach

no two challenges are the same, but one thing remains constant:

Enterprise scale SEO depends on a data-driven philosophy, with mission grade analytics, detailing the outcome from every single part of your investment.

Our unique approach, combined with our specialized SEO analytics approach not only finds more SEO opportunity than any other agency, but also tracks the exact outcome from every effort your Product and Engineering teams invest.

At MOG we understand that enterprise scale businesses need to track their ROI at a granular level to build a global picture. That’s why we have spent over six years perfecting our process and platforms so you can leverage them for immediate growth.

Why Us?


MOG CEO Martin MacDonald has a 20+ year reputation as an innovator in organic search. From masterminding creative link building approaches in the early days of SEO, through to overseeing development of one of the world’s top marketing platforms, he is an innovator first and foremost

23 Years of

MOG was initially founded in 2001, at first concentrating on its own network of sites in industries including online gambling, community building, user generated content creation. In 2017 it pivoted into creating bespoke tools for enterprise SEO leveraging CEO Martin MacDonald’s experience running SEO for companies such as Expedia, Orbitz, Omnicom and others


MOG relies on the most experienced SEO consultants, content marketers, analytics professionals and social media marketers. Other agencies proudly hire juniors to maximize profits – we hire based exclusively on experience and a proven track record of results

dependable Data Driven analytics

Using a diverse set of API’s, crawl data, and in-house reporting tools, we deliver what other agencies and consultancies can only dream of: truly actionable insights backed up with rock-solid analytics

ai & ml marketing leaders

in 2023, MOG delivered hundreds of millions of automated content and internal linking optimizations across dozens of client sites, driving growth across a diverse set of industries

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