Extend Your Marketing Team With Predictable Costs

A typical MOGmedia engagement starts with a full technical audit & content plan, building a roadmap to align your goals with a solid strategy to meet them.

Following the initial audit & delivery period, which typically lasts 6-8 weeks, MOGmedia can be retained to work alongside your internal resource in execution and delivery

Initial Audit Scope & Costs

All MOGmedia SEO audits include unlimited site crawling, on sites up to 5 million URLs, Dev & QA crawling to validate technical fixes.

Each crawl has over 600 individual SEO rules to optimize every page, looking at on-site SEO, internal site architecture, accessibility, page speed & dozens of other factors.

Content and Keyword research is unlimited in scope, constrained only by the size of the market vertical and its breadth. This typically involves reverse engineering each competitors keyword strategy to build an accepted 12-24 month strategic roadmap.

Typical Audit prices start at $24,000, and average around $32,000 across all MOGmedia clients.

Ongoing Retainers: Make MOGmedia Part of your Product & Marketing Team

At MOGmedia we consider all our relationships as partners – embedding within your workflow and providing unlimited, unmetered SEO support to enterprise organizations.

This allows you to scale up your marketing, with a predictable cost base.

Our full consultancy retainer typically includes unlimited daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings.

Our standard consultancy only retainer packages including unmetered time are charged at $12,000 per month, and unmetered consultancy alongside unlimited software provision and customization, at $16,000 per month.

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