Driving Links to Villa Holidays

Villa Plus is one of the UK’s leading travel companies offering villa holidays across 16 European destinations.

The Challenge

Our task was drive links to the new destination pages for Zante and Puglia. The client needed a campaign which secured coverage, as well as links, from high authority sites.

Our Strategy

When people go abroad, they more than often want to eat and live like a local for as long as they’re away. That, along with the fact that Villa Plus always add food and drinks information on destination pages, helped form the basis of our campaign, ‘Eat Like a Local’. 

We created  the ‘Eat Like a Local’ campaign and  worked closely with a selection of top cookery schools from around the UK to inspire holidaymakers with recipes associated with the newly launched destinations.

We collaborated with experts, asking them to provide destination-specific recipes using simple ingredients that can be found here in the UK. 

The cookery schools shared the local dish and the recipe on their blogs and social media accounts, 

linking to the relevant Villa Plus ‘Eat Like a Local’ blog post


New links to new destination pages


People reached with the social campaign

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